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I know that working on your brand message is going to be hard but rewarding work. I’ve structured this program to make sure you have various ways to get support directly from me.

Lifetime Support

I am totally here for you through this process. You receive lifetime support from me through our private Facebook group and monthly group coaching calls.

Private Facebook Group

The private “Messaging Mastery – The Foundation (PAID CLIENTS ONLY)” Facebook Group is where you will have the support of the other ambitious business owners just like you who are going to be working on their messaging foundation alongside you. This is your community where you can ask questions, and get support and feedback as you work through the program. I encourage you to share your assignments, a-ha moments, and struggles…because you are not alone working through this process. We are all here to support you!

I am active in the group every weekday as well, so this is your primary way of getting direct feedback and support from me. The more you share, the more I can help you.

PLEASE NOTE: This is separate from my free group, The Messaging Den. You are welcome (and encouraged) to continue to be part of my free community, but I do not provide coaching and direct feedback in The Messaging Den.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

In addition to the support you receive inside the Facebook group, you have access to monthly group coaching calls with me. These will take place the second Tuesday each month at 2pm ET / 11am PT via Zoom and will last 1 hour.

You can join the Zoom meeting here:

Zoom is a video-conference tool that is free for you as a participant. By default, when you join the meetings, your video is turned off so you control if/when you want to be on video. (You do not have to be on video to participate on the call.) To enable your video, select the camera (if you have more than one) and click Start Video .

To minimize background noise, everyone will be muted unless you’re the one speaking. You can unmute yourself at that time, or let me know in the chat that you have a question and I can unmute you to ask your question.

Watch for the Facebook event created inside the group each month as well as an email reminder. You will have an opportunity to submit your questions in advance if you’re not able to join us on the call.

All coaching calls will be recorded and made available to you inside this membership site.

Guest Experts

I’ve worked hard to ensure that you have everything you need inside the program materials to build your brand messaging foundation, but I’m not an expert at everything. So I’ve arranged to have two guest experts available to you.

Jennifer Brown Wegman is here to provide you expert level support on your market research needs. You’ll start this work in Lesson 4, and when you need even more help, reach out and tag Jennifer in the Facebook group. Her expert advice will help you better monitor your market, and understand the data you’re discovering.

Sierra Kellermeyer is our visual branding expert, helping you to understand how to bring your message to life visually for the ultimate one-two punch. Have a question about using images, colors, fonts and more? Tag Sierra in the Facebook group for some expert feedback. And when you complete this program and are ready to fully bring your new message to life visually, she’s offering a discount on her services (because a solid messaging foundation makes her job so.much.easier.)

Every few months, we will also have dedicated Q&A calls with each of these experts as well! Watch for notification in the Facebook group as well as via email.

Want Additional Support?

Although I pride myself on being available and accessible to you through the Facebook group and monthly group coaching calls, I know that sometimes you’ll want more direct feedback and support. Which is why I’m happy to offer options to get one-on-one and small group coaching with me.

Individual Coaching Session

Sometimes you need a little help with a specific element of your message, or a specific marketing project. This is a great time to consider an individual coaching session. I offer 30-minute Laser Coaching sessions and 1-hour Power Hour sessions.

Click here to book either of these sessions directly.

Core+ Support Package Upgrade

Ready to commit to a little more 1:1 support, helping you make steady progress? Then a Core+ Support Package might be just the thing. This is a package of three (3) 30-minute laser coaching sessions that you can schedule within a 3-month period. You can use them anytime during that period, but is particularly great for having monthly calls.

Click here to purchase your Core+ Support Package, and then watch your email for details on how to book your calls.

Small Group Coaching Upgrade

A couple times a year, I offer scheduled Small Group Coaching for groups of 5 clients to meet with me for WEEKLY small group coaching calls. This includes 12 weekly 1-hour calls with each person getting laser coaching on the call, and everyone learning from each others’ questions. Watch your email and the Facebook group for information when those become available.

But you don’t have to wait! If you coordinate four other people (5 of you in total) that want Small Group Coaching, I’m happy to start up a session just for you! Feel free to post in the Facebook group that you’re interested in doing this to find other participants and then email me at to let me know who will be participating. I will then email each of you to confirm and coordinate the schedule day and time, along with the direct links for payment.

The investment for Small Group Coaching is $997 or 3 monthly payments of $357 each. That includes 12 weekly calls with up to 2 skipped weeks (to account for holidays or other needs of the group).

VIP Support Package Upgrade

When you want dedicated, unlimited support…my brain fully on your business and your message…then the VIP Support Package may be just what you’re looking for. This includes WEEKLY 30-minute one-on-one laser coaching sessions and UNLIMITED access to me between calls via email and Voxer (a voice and text messaging app). This package requires a minimum 3-month commitment and starts at $2500. (A payment plan is available.)

I take no more than 2 clients at a time at this level to make sure you get my full support and assistance. If you are interested in this package, reach out to me at so we can talk about the options and availability.