Are you currently:

  • Struggling to find the words every time you try and write some copy?
  • Holding back on your marketing because you just don’t feel confident that it will stand out?
  • Putting yourself out there but feel like you’re blending in with all the noise and clutter?
  • Admiring the success of others in your market and don’t think you can ever compete with them?
  • Tired of spending money on copywriters, web designers, and other marketing support where nothing feels “right”?

You set out to have your own business because you KNOW that you can provide really valuable results for your clients. You know that if you could just get the clients to work with you, you will wow them and they will sing your praises because you are amazing at what you do.

But this marketing thing is hard! You don’t know how to get anyone to pay attention to you.

And because of that, you:

  • Try to put content out there but get no results.
  • Can’t seem to attract clients to you – let alone your IDEAL client.
  • Doubt your ability to do what you’re actually good at.
  • Wonder if you’re even cut out for this!

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

What if instead you could:

  • QUICKLY establish yourself as the expert in your market
  • EASILY create content that is memorable
  • Attract your DREAMIEST clients
  • Create products and services that your clients are WAITING TO BUY

All of this (and more) is possible when you have a Message that ROARs:
one that is Relatable, One-of-a-kind, Actionable and Reliable.

Finding the Right Words Matters

Marketing is the process of communication the message that you want people to hear. It builds your reputation and you CAN control and shape that. But finding the RIGHT words…ones that you can OWN in your market…is critically important.

You don’t want to use just any words – you want a message that is:

  • Relatable to your ideal client, so they get to know and like you
  • One-of-a-kind in your market, so that you easily stand out and all of your content is recognizable and memorable
  • Actionable, giving you the framework that makes impactful content creation a breeze and gets your ideal client to want to know more
  • Reliable, allowing you to consistently and confidently show up as the expert that you are

Think that’s too much to ask of your messaging? Think again!

I have known for years that I needed to expand my business to touch a much larger audience, but the fact is, I know nothing about how to get my message out there, how to create a brand or how important first impressions are. Let’s face it, that first connection you make with a potential client is crucial. It is one of the main building blocks to creating a solid client base and successful business.

I learned so much in the 5 day Impactful Introduction program that Karie offered that when she offered the 3 month Messaging Mastery program it was really a no brainer for me to sign up. Working with Karie, it didn’t feel like I signed up for some training. It felt like I added someone to my team in moving my business forward and taking it to the next level.

With Karie, you get relevant content, expert knowledge (she is REALLY good at what she does), and she’s so accessible. Each week, she will have you looking at different aspects of your message from every different direction that you can think of. She’ll help you along the way, tweaking it, digging deeper, looking at it from different directions, until you find something that resonates with you and sounds authentic and is part of you – coming from your heart – and will attract your potential clients.

I cannot recommend the program enough. This is the best investment I’ve made for my business to take it to the next level. 

Lisa Nickels

The Energy Practitioner

But to do that effectively…

…to Make Your Message ROAR…you need to develop the foundational elements of your message. And you need some outside perspective and support from someone who knows how to bring out your most authentic message.

And that’s exactly what you get with Messaging Mastery – The Foundation.

This 3-month small-group program is designed to show you how to Make Your Message ROAR™. The small-group setting (up to 10 members) gives you the best of both a group learning environment and individualized one-on-one attention. I’ll guide you through the exact process I’ve used to develop brand messaging for solopreneurs to larger organizations. You don’t have to struggle anymore!

With more than 20 years of experience in branding and business, I know how to help you dig deep to uncover the opportunity that lies within. To help you position yourself as an expert in your industry, no matter how “crowded” it may seem. To get the clarity in your message that will enable you to boldly and confidently put yourself out there and attract your ideal client, empowering you to have the business you’ve always dreamed of.

You deserve that and I want to help you get it.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Small group format so that you get the support and feedback that you need
  • 12 Weekly Video Lessons breaking down each foundational element of your message, along with my best tips and strategies
  • 12 Weekly Workbooks to help you effectively work through each element and get the clarity you need to create your most authentic, Relatable, and One-of-a-kind message
  • 12 1-hour Zoom Conference Sessions with phone, video, and desktop sharing capabilities, allowing us to work together as if we were in the same room to review your progress, answer your questions, and give you individualized attention. Each session is recorded for you to refer back to at any time.
  • Private Facebook Group for ongoing support from your intimate group of ambitious women business owners just like you who are focused on the developing their messaging foundation
  • Scheduled Implementation Weeks where there is no new training, giving you extra focused time to work through the process and get some additional support.

I’m very pleased with the results I received! I was able to gain a massive amount of clarity around my ideal client, her wants and needs. I feel that I have made huge leaps forward with this program.

I enjoyed the weekly videos and Facebook group. I loved the worksheets and training videos – those were my favorite parts of the program!

Karie just beams light and authenticity and is definitely a “master” in her field. Her level of support is top notch, and I felt very supported throughout the entire program.

Anita Naumoff

Breakup Recovery Coach

Messaging Mastery – The Foundation begins July 24, 2017 and is organized into 4  Modules:

Before you can ROAR, you need to take a deep breath. We need to have a better understanding of your business and your competition, so we’ll look at your business from the inside out and the outside in.

You will:

  • Collect and review what you have today
  • Identify your business goals and drivers
  • Analyze your competition and their position in the market

We’ll focus on the what will make your message RELATABLE. You want your message to resonate with and attract your ideal client, making them think “Oh I need that!” or “Yes! That’s me and I want your help!”

You will:

  • Get crystal clear on who your ideal client / target market is and what their struggles and challenges are so that you can speak directly to them
  • Define your value proposition – the benefits, transformations, and results your ideal client will be looking for
  • Validate that your ideal clients actually WANT what you have to offer

You want your message to uniquely set you apart in your market, so we’ll focus on making it ONE-OF-A-KIND. You want your ideal client to read/watch/hear anything you produce and immediately know it is from you.

You will:

  • Develop a brand vocabulary of words and phrases that you want to use (and words you don’t want to use) which will make content creation a breeze
  • Confirm your brand personality which will serve as a guide to ensure your authenticity
  • Work towards finding the word or phrase as your positioning statement that you can truly OWN in your market
  • Outline your Brand Story which is the ultimate experience that your clients can expect, told in a way that has them knocking down your door

You’ll finalize the elements of your brand message creating the “blueprint” that will allow you to consistently share your message, making it ACTIONABLE and ready for prime time.

You will:

  • Create your elevator speech (or what I like to call your Impactful Introduction) that allows you to make a confident first impression
  • Prepare your Brand Messaging Usage Guide – the manual for your new, impactful, powerful brand message

(By the way, your message becomes RELIABLE when you consistently share it with the world and your ideal client knows exactly what to expect from you.)

Mastering your message and making it ROAR will take work, but YOU CAN DO IT with the process, guidance, and outside perspective provided in this program. You will get the support and accountability you need to help you get the clarity, focus, and confidence to Make Your Message ROAR.

You’re Worth the Investment

The value of all of the elements of this program is nearly $5000:

  • I could package and sell the training materials / workbook / content alone for $2000
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls – $1200
  • 3 months of support in an intimate private Facebook Group – $1500

And as a done-for-you service, which I don’t even do anymore, this would cost $10,000.

Your investment is just 4 payments of $697.

Or Pay in Full and save $291

But that’s not all! I have $1800+ in bonuses for you!

The program itself is worth every penny and more! But I want you to get the most out of this strategic foundation in your business. And I love working with AMBITIOUS women business owners. Which is why I have two AMAZING offers if you’re ready to claim your spot quickly.

Some of these bonuses are available for a limited time.

BONUS #1: Four 30-minute 1:1 Calls

You receive a lot of individualized attention in this program, but I know that sometimes you just want some one-on-one support. So I’m gifting you four 30-minute 1:1 calls with me to use during the implementation weeks. This will help you stay on track and get my targeted feedback and support to solidify your message.

Value: $500

This bonus is yours when you enroll by 12:00pm Pacific time on Monday July 10 extended to Thursday July 13.

BONUS #3: Impactful Introduction Intensive

I want you to begin improving your message right away so you can get visible and put yourself out there, which is why you’ll get immediate access to the Impactful Introduction Intensive. This 5-day program will help you craft an introduction that will allow you to clearly and confidently introduce yourself and begin being seen as an expert. You won’t need to wait to complete the Messaging Mastery program in order to start making actionable improvements to your message.

Value: $297

Enroll now to get more than $6000 of value

For a fraction of the price

In 2016, I decided to shift my business from primarily graphic design to focus on my fine art. Initially, I didn’t think the shift would require a very big change in my message. As I worked to develop the fine art side, I realized how very different this market is and how much I did NOT know about the best practices of reaching them with a message that would speak to their needs and resonate with them.

As a person who became an entrepreneur later in my life, I didn’t have any time to waste. The decision to join Karie’s program was a practical one. I needed to make progress as fast as possible to reach my goals. I can’t spend months and years honing my message. I need to get it right as soon as possible.

I loved the process and felt really good about the results I was able to achieve! The opportunity to share information among the members of the program was great. Each person’s story was really interesting and it was good to learn from each other as well as the program material and Karie’s insights.

Rose Anne Huck

Contemporary Landscape Artist

If you’re not sure if this program is right for you, let’s chat! Choose the method that works for you:

But if you KNOW that you are ready to lay a strong messaging foundation – if you’re ready to give your business the opportunity to truly stand out, and you want more confidence in putting yourself out there – then choose the payment option above that works best for you and secure your spot.

Let’s Make Your Message ROAR!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need to commit to the program each week?

It’s definitely a process to work through each piece of your message. Plan on 2-3 hours each week, in addition to the Zoom calls. I recommend scheduling 20-30 minutes every day to get the most out of the process.

Will I get individualized attention in the group format?
Yes! I keep the group small (no more than 10 people) so that I more intimately learn about your business and give you more feedback. You’re able to get indivdiual feedback inside our Private Facebook group and on the weekly Zoom calls. Your training each week includes recorded videos so that all of our time together is addressing your questions and not on new training.
And don’t forget! I’m offering a BONUS of FOUR 1:1 sessions to give you even more personalized attention, making this program the best blend of small group and 1:1 that I can think of!
What if I'm new in my business with no clients yet, and I'm focusing on just promoting myself? I'm not sure I need this now.

First of all, if you’re just starting out and not completely sure what kind of business you want, then you’re not ready for this program. (But I can refer to people who can help you figure this out!) But if you know what kind of business you’re starting, and want to be able to establish yourself quickly as an expert, then a strong messaging foundation – like the one you’ll develop in this program – can help you do that! Because everyone’s situation is different, let’s chat and see if this is the right program for you right now. Just reply back to this email or reach out on Facebook Messenger.

I'm worried about keeping up with the program. What if I need more time? Will I have access to the materials after the program is over?

Absolutely! I’ve paced the program into bite sized pieces requiring just a few hours a week. And I’ve built in Implementation Weeks with no “new” content so you can continue to work through the process and get my help. And you’ll get lifetime access to the training content – including any update I make!

I don't have the funds to do this right now. Will you offer this program again?
Yep – this is foundational to everything I do, so this program will absolutely be available again…in some form. This is, however, the LAST time I’ll be offering this in 2017, and I’m looking at possibly changing the format in 2018 so that I can serve more people. Same proven process that I’ve been using for 15 years, but what that looks like is still unclear.
Also – whether you invest in this program or not, just a quick note about ANY investment you make in your business. Ask yourself: will I be able to make back my INVESTMENT in the next 6-12 months? If so, then it’s probably a good investment! So for example, if Messaging Mastery – The Foundation could help you bring in more clients, more quickly – and at a premium! – the maybe it’s something to consider.